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Whats Happening 
#IAmBilingualSG Call for Projects

The Fund has launched a #IAmBilingualSG Call for Projects to support the nurturing of bilingualism 

in young children at home. The application window starts from 

6 May to 31 July 2020.

For more details, please click here.

#IAmBilingualSG Call for Projects FAQ

Application Form (Individuals)

Application Form


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In Schools

English Language Learning

Getting Pupils to Speak Up
(, 29 May 2012)

Teaching English, As It Is Spoken(, 10 November 2011)

Storybooks are the Heart of Her English Lessons
(, 11 November 2010)

Chinese Language Learning

Fuhua Secondary adopts the principle of TOP  for “Picture Discussion”
(Lianhe Zaobao, 21 August 2012)

Teachers and students from Guangyang Primary to give demo on the writing of Chinese characters this Saturday/
(Lianhe Zaobao, 21 August 2012)

Primary school students nation-wide are expected to be able to watch animated cartoons on idioms next year
(Lianhe Zaobao, 16 July 2012)

Learning Mother Tongue Languages the 10’C Way                                                 
(MOE youtube channel, 3 January 2012)

Making Chinese Language Real and Relevant
(, 10 February 2011)

The Magic of Mobile Learning
(, 17 May 2011)

Nurturing Bi-CulturalTalents the BiCEP Way
(, 26 October 2010)

Learning Chinese on the Go in Chinatown
(, 9 March 2010)

A Spirited Approach to Teaching Chinese
(, 19 January 2010)

Chinese Language Comes to Life with Intercultural Exchanges                        
(, 10 November 2009)

Speaking with Confidence and Flair through Chinese Performing Arts         
(, 29 October 2009)

Learning Chinese – from the Classroom into the Community                     
(, 23 December 2008)

Learning Chinese – Going Beyond Grades in Pupil Assessment                 
(, 9 December 2008)

Teachers Who Make Mother Tongue Learning Come Alive                      
(, 18 November 2008)

Malay Language Learning

Comics make Malay come alive
(The New Paper, 2 June 2012)

Bar codes add spark to MTL lessons
(MyPaper, 2 June 2012)

Learning a Language through Malay Stories and Rhyme                         
(, 17 February 2011)

Multimedia and Games Galore in Mother Tongue Lessons                          
(, 20 April 2010)

Teachers Who Make Mother Tongue Learning Come Alive                        
(, 18 November 2008)

Tamil Language Learning

Students learn Tamil with interest using iPads
(Tamil Murasu,  26 August 2012)

Tamil Murasu makes learning Tamil fun
(Tamil Murasu, 26 August 2012)

Plugging In To New Strategies for Language Learning
(, 3 June 2011)

Web Technology Makes Tamil Lessons the Talk of the Class
(, 22 February 2011)

To supermarket, playground for Tamil lessons
(The Straits Times, 27 January 2011)

Multimedia and Games Galore in Mother Tongue Lessons
(, 20 April 2010)

Teachers Who Make Mother Tongue Learning Come Alive
(, 18 November 2008) 

Tamil Language Camp Gets the Thumbs Up
(, 5 August 2010)


Teachers Who Make Mother Tongue Learning Come Alive(, 18 November 2008)