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Love our Languages! Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism Community Series  

  • Upcoming talks will be held in August 2019 during Mother Tongue Languages Symposium. More
    details will be announced.
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Your donation will help our children build their language foundation early in an age-appropriate way. In support of this cause, the government has provided a 1:1 matching grant for donations to the Fund, up to a cap of $50 million. Donations to the Fund will also qualify for 250% tax deduction (at two and a half times the amount of donation). Names and tax reference numbers have to be provided in order to be eligible for the tax deductions.    

Donations to the Fund can be made in the following ways:

A. Donation through the website
Donors can contribute online via the website at .  

B. Donation by cheque
Donors who wish to make their contribution in cheque may issue it payable to “Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism”. Cheques should be crossed.  Donors should provide the following details at the back of the cheque: 

  • Full name (as per NRIC) or company name (for the purpose of the tax deductible receipt)
  • NRIC/FIN No./UEN (for auto-inclusion of donation for tax assessment)
  • Mailing address to send tax deductible receipt to
  • Contact number and email address

Completed cheques should be mailed to:
Ministry of Education  
1 North Buona Vista Drive  
MOE  Building, #09-55   
Singapore 138675

Attn: Ms Cynthia Chandramuljana, Financial Management Branch  

C. Obtain an autographed special edition of “My Lifelong Challenge: 
Mr Lee Kuan Yew has autographed 200 special edition copies of his new book "My Lifelong Challenge: Singapore’s Bilingual Journey”. A copy of the book can be obtained with a minimum donation of $10,000. Interested donors can make an order by filling up the  form  and emailing the completed form to

Only the Chinese edition is still available.