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Whats Happening 
#IAmBilingualSG Call for Projects

The Fund has launched a #IAmBilingualSG Call for Projects to support the nurturing of bilingualism 

in young children at home. The application window starts from 

6 May to 31 July 2020.

For more details, please click here.

#IAmBilingualSG Call for Projects FAQ

Application Form (Individuals)

Application Form


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Annual Report

Financial Year 2018/2019
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Financial Statement  (FY 2018) 

Financial Year 2017/2018
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Financial Statement  (FY 2017)

Financial Year 2016/2017
Financial Year 2016/2017 Cover
Financial Statement  (FY 2016)

Financial Year 2015/2016
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Financial Statement  (FY 2015)

Financial Year 2014/2015
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Financial Statement  (FY 2014)

Financial Year 2013/2014
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Financial Statement (FY 2013) 

Financial Year 2012/2013
Financial Year 2012/2013 Cover
Financial Statement  (FY 2012)